Papua New Guinea

The true price of palm oil

Global Witness goes undercover to investigate the growing threat facing Papua New Guinea’s communities and tropical forests from palm oil companies driving widespread deforestation and human rights abuses.

In a Post-COVID world govt must drop plans for bankable customary land

With the COVID-19 pandemic still expanding across the globe, ACT NOW is urging the PNG government to drop its plans to put customary land into the hands of commercial banks. The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated once again that customary land is a vital and irreplaceable resource for families and communities.

Olam secures a US$176 million term loan from IFC and JICA

The funds will be used for the procurement of specific agri-commodities from smallholder farmers in Vietnam, Indonesia, Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Uganda as well as the expansion of Olam’s cocoa processing facility in Indonesia.

Land summit or land grab?

Jubilee Australia and the Oakland Institute denounce the National Land Summit, organized by the Papua New Guinea (PNG) government, as a dangerous attack on the country’s unique customary land tenure system.

UN’s SABL response due in seven days

The UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination asked the PNG government yet again, to respond to concerns that PNG continues to authorise the exploitation of indigenous land by foreign companies through SABLs.

Govt. must publish full SABL list

ACT NOW! is demanding Papua New Guinea government to immediately publish a full list of SABLs current status. SABL is one of the world’s biggest illegal land grabs, and now more than 5-years after PNG government promised to cancel the SABL, people are still waiting to hear which leases have been cancelled.

UN challenges PNG govt over illegal land grabbing

The United Nations has accused the Papua New Guinea government of racial discrimination against its own people over its failure to stop foreign companies using SABL leases to illegally occupy customary land.

New report highlights human rights abuses caused by SABL land grab

The SABL Land Grab: Papua New Guinea’s Ongoing Human Rights Scandal, a new report published by ACT NOW! and UK based charity, War on Want highlights the devastating impacts on people living in rural communities and gives a voice to those who have suffered the illegal loss of their land to logging and oil-palm plantations.

SABL scandal buried and forgotten

The PNG government is trying to bury and forget the SABL land grab scandal in which more than 5 million hectares of land has been stolen from rural communities.