Sierra Leone

Malen women cry for help

The women of Malen, Sierra Leone are demanding that the lands taken from them by SOCFIN be returned to them so they can go back to their farms for their own agricultural activities and be able to take care of their families.

Sierra Leone: turning towards agri-business

The BBC's Hassan Arouni speaks to Sierra Leone's foreign minister Dr. Alie Kabba about the violent crackdown in Pujehun district against people protesting the unjust seizure of their land for large-scale agribusiness

CSOs urged gov’t to probe Sahn Malen killing

Sierra Leone Land Rights Defenders say SOCFIN's land acquisition in Malen has resulted in serious conflict with local landowners, who face intimidation and harassment for defending their land rights and challenging the company.

BBC report from Sahn Malen chiefdom, Sierra Leone

Details are just emerging of the scale of the recent disturbances in Sahn Malen chiefdom in Southern Sierra Leone. There are disputes between local land owners and a European agribusiness company, SOCFIN. BBC reporter Umaru Fofana went to the area with a group of human rights activists and sent this special report from Pujehun.