Sierra Leone
27 Jun 2017 Agence Ecofin
Sierra Leone : la société civile interpelle l’exécutif sur la gestion du foncier agricole
L’Ong sierra-léonaise Action pour la transparence des acquisitions de terrains à grande échelle (ALLAT) a appelé ce 27 juin 2017 le gouvernement à une prise en considération « sérieuse » des enjeux fonciers afin de prévenir les conflits.
19 Jun 2017 Concord Times
As 21-day ultimatum for SOCFIN Manager elapse…
Majority of workers have stopped working on the oil palm plantation until the SOCFIN General Manager addresses concerns raised in the Malen Youth Development Union’s letter dated 20 May 2017.
15 Jun 2017 Awoko
Agric. Minister calls for review of Socfin land lease agreement in Pujehun
Sierra Leone's Minister of Agriculture has called for a review of the flawed 50 year land lease agreement signed in 2011 between land owners and Socfin Agriculture Company
02 Jun 2017 Awoko
21 days ultimatum for Socfin Managers
Malen Youth Development Union issues second complaint letter to SOCFIN about the grave abuses of workers at its oil palm plantations in Sierra Leone and issues of unfulfilled development promises for locals.
10 May 2017 Reuters
Negotiating large-scale land deals in Sierra Leone: a paralegal approach
Over the past several years, a small band of grassroots advocates has been helping communities secure progressively better arrangements with investors interested in their land.
29 Mar 2017 Reuters
Farmers seek independent inquiry into controversial Sierra Leone palm oil deal
Farmers and charities are demanding an independent investigation into the claims made by landowners who say their complaints and grievances were ignored.
25 Mar 2017 UMOYA
Apropiación de tierras: el grupo Bolloré / SOCFIN rechaza el diálogo con las comunidades
Una delegación de Sierra Leona, en representación de las comunidades locales afectadas por la apropiación de tierras del grupo Bolloré / SOCFIN, está actualmente viajando por Europa.
21 Mar 2017 FIAN
Accaparement des terres : le groupe Bolloré/SOCFIN refuse le dialogue avec les communautés
Une délégation de Sierra Leone, représentant les communautés locales affectées par les accaparements de terres par le groupe Bolloré/SOCFIN est actuellement en tournée en Europe.
13 Feb 2017 Awoko
Obliterating legal rights in large scale land deals in Sierra Leone
The present crop of large-scale land lease agreements with MNCS in Sierra Leone are fraught with serious, challengeable, and voidable provisions. If they are not renegotiated, then going to court for specific impact litigation will be the only way out.
03 Oct 2016 Agence Ecofin
Sierra Léone : des activistes dénoncent les accaparements de terres agricoles par la Socfin
« Nous nous opposons à ce que des personnes viennent s’approprier toutes nos ressources sans notre consentement », s’indigne Shiaka Sama, le porte-parole de l’association MALOA.
28 Sep 2016 Deutsche Welle
Palm oil profits trump self-sufficiency in Sierra Leone
Socfin's most recent project is in Sierra Leone. The country possesses massive amounts of land where oil palm production could thrive and a government that is willing to hand over this land to investors for not that much money.
07 Sep 2016 HRDN-SL
Shrinking civil society space in Sierra Leone: Silencing freedom of expression
Civil Society members expressing concern over human rights abuses by corporate entities are increasingly being accused of being agents of the political opposition or “anti-development”.

Sierra Leone

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