Sierra Leone
16 Jun 2016 FIAN Belgique
Sierra Leone : Six défenseurs du droit à la terre libérés grâce à la solidarité citoyenne
Des organisations de la société civile demandent de mettre fin à l’accaparement des terres par la société agroindustrielle Socfin et de protéger les droits des communautés
04 Jun 2016 Basta!
Communities affected by oil palm plantations block Bolloré group’s shareholder meeting
For nearly three hours on the morning of 3 June, around a hundred protesters peacefully blockaded the entrances to the headquarters of Bolloré, one of France's most powerful companies.
03 Jun 2016 Africa News
Bollore criticized at anti-land grabbing protests in Africa, Europe
More dissenting voices are being raised in West and Central African countries, as local communities and NGOs condemn land grabbing by industrial oil palm and rubber plantations company Socfin
01 Jun 2016 FIAN Belgium et al
“SOCFIN shareholders: stop land grabbing!” Citizens demand that SOCFIN respect the rights of local communities
On June 1, citizens and representatives of Belgian, French and Luxembourgish organisations are calling out to the shareholders of SOCFIN, a Belgian-Luxembourgish group, during their annual meeting.
19 May 2016 Projet React
Lutte des riverains des plantations Socfin Bolloré
Pour revendiquer leurs droits, les riverains des plantations Socfin-Bolloré s'organisent.
12 May 2016 Guardian
Companies run by ex-cricketer Phil Edmonds 'paid bribes to officials'
Companies co-founded and run by Phil Edmonds, founder of leading African farmland investor Agriterra, paid “bribes” to African officials and have bought assets owned by secretive offshore structures, a campaign group has claimed.
08 May 2016 L'Écho
"L'agriculture traditionnelle africaine ne nourrit pas les villes"
A la tête de 200.000 hectares de plantations, Luc Boedt, CEO de Socfin, défend sa politique agricole en Afrique, souvent critiquée par des ONG.
25 Apr 2016 Post
Agriterra chairman Phil Edmonds steps down
Agriterra, an Africa focussed agricultural company, announces that Phil Edmonds has stepped down as chairman of the company.
16 Mar 2016 Awoko
Another Socfin convict to be released today
Sima Mattia's release was sought through the collective efforts of Coalition of Civil Society Organizations who had chipped in with the whopping sum of Le30 million to meet his fine imposed by the presiding Judge.
10 Mar 2016 Green Scenery
MALOA's position on the court judgement and the Malen land issue
"We believe this was a tactic to get us into prison so that we cannot raise our voice on the unacceptable land deals in Malen Chiefdom."
10 Mar 2016 Green Scenery
Sierra Leone: Imprisonment for land rights activists
Joseph Rahall interviews Hon. Shiaka Sama, who was released from prison on 24 February 2016 while 5 other activists are still behind bars
04 Mar 2016 CGLTE
Criminalisation des militants MALOA et conflit foncier à Malen
La Convergence globale des luttes pour la terre et l'eau demande au Président de Sierra Leone de mettre fin à la criminalisation des militants de MALOA qui résistent l'accaparement de leurs terres par la Socfin.

Sierra Leone

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