Minister of Agriculture meets Iranian Ambassador

Sudan's Minister of Agriculture discusses aspects of joint cooperation with Iran in sugar beet crops, cotton, oilseeds and rice, expressing his ministry's keenness to remove all obstacles impeding the work of investors.

Egypt: Turning deserts into fields

A delegation from the Ministry of Agriculture is preparing to visit Sudan later this year to examine the possibility of growing wheat on as many as 470,000 hectares of Sudanese land.

Kuwait, Saudi eye Sudan farmland

Sudan launched a major dam project on Tuesday to boost power supply and agricultural irrigation, a plan officials hope will foster farmland exports and attract more Gulf investment to the African country as it battles an economic crisis.

Kenana to invest US$ 2 bn in five years

Kenana Sugar Company is the head of the spear of the Sudanese project for agricultural development. While governments and Arab companies discuss strategies for the sector, the organisation plans to invest US$ 2 billion over the next five years in several expansion projects.

Mawashi puts greater focus on food security

Mawashi, Qatar’s livestock company, plans to invest in industrial agriculture and food sources outside Qatar to serve the vision and objectives of the Qatar National Food Security Programme, it was announced yesterday.

Bangladesh to lease Sudanese farmland

Bangladesh yesterday signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with South Sudan to take a 10-year lease on Sudanese farmland to grow crops aimed at ensuring food security of both the countries.