KPMG Fakhro in agri advice deal

Many governments in the region have been trying to address the food security concern by investing in farmlands overseas such as Sudan and Malaysia. John W Power, president, LSC International, feels this is unlikely to solve the problem in the long term, especially if the indigenous population is short of food.

Die große Jagd nach Land

Regierungen und Investmentfonds erwerben in Afrika und Asien Ackerland, um Nahrungsmittel anzubauen – ein lohnendes Geschäft, weil die Preise rasch steigen. Das Milliarden-Monopoly führt zu einem modernen Kolonialismus, dem sich viele arme Länder notgedrungen unterwerfen.

Saudi firm to invest $3 bln in Turkey farms

Private Saudi firm Planet Food World (PFWC) will invest around $3 billion in agriculture in Turkey over the next five years to export food products to the Gulf region, the head of its Turkish unit said.

Strategic food security?

Carl Atkin, Head of Research at Bidwells Agribusiness looks at the recent interest in 'strategic food security' and the associated 'land grab' by Middle Eastern Corporations and Governments in countries as diverse of Sudan, Senegal and Sierra Leone.