• Agricultural land under utilised - De Graaff
    • BOPA
    • 06 Nov 2009

    Botswana's Minister of Agriculture says that his mission is to bring in successful foreign investors to lease or buy some of Botswanas most productive farmland in order to put it to better use.

  • Vita Grain says priority is to support stock-piling of rice in Singapore
    • Business Times
    • 06 Oct 2009

    Vita Grain Group, which is backed by US $60 million of funding, owns more than 20 different strains of hybrid rice seeds. Vita Grain is looking for funding to expand its seed production beyond Africa to Asia, the US and South America. The company is also setting up a rice mill in Mauritius and is in talks with partners in Botswana, Madagascar and Mozambique to develop rice production units.

  • Africa investment sparks land grab fear
    • BBC
    • 05 Aug 2009

    For investors like Susan Payne, the chief executive of Emergent Asset Management, farmland in sub-Saharan Africa is a hot bet.

  • ‘Agrologistics’ at home and abroad
    • Ghana News
    • 03 May 2009

    Private equity used to stay away from anything to do with agriculture, put off by the uncontrollable risks of bad climate and natural disasters. And yet in the last three years some big funds have been launched in the agribusiness space, and they are busy trying different ways of mitigating the risks.

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Who's involved?

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