Whose land is it anyway?

Land across great swathes of the developing world has become a prime target for foreign investors. Free Speech Radio News explores the issue by looking at what’s happening in Kenya.

Karuturi flower farm workers down their tools

As losses from Karuturi's Ethiopian farm operations mount, over 3,000 workers from the company's flower farm in Kenya down their tools to protest non-payment of their salaries and poor working conditions.

Africa Food Security Conference

1st Annual Africa Food Security Conference - AFSC 2012 is a regionally focused forum that aims to bring the interrelated parties together for discussions that will refocus food security issues in Africa in alignment with the continent’s requirement.

US firm plans $60m investment in agric. sector

Dominion Farms will start planting rice in December 2012 on its 30,000 ha rice farm in Taraba and has trained 50 commercial farmers in Kenya who will soon start their own commercial rice operations in Nigeria.

Kenya: Blind development

Indigenous communities are under threat from a recent spurt of investors and multinational companies interested in putting their money into Kenyan oil, mining, wind farms and agribusiness projects.