Sénégal : Loi sur la privatisation des terres

Selon le Parti pour l’indépendance et le travail, la nouvelle loi sénégalaise sur la privatisation des terres est une vaste opération de bradage des terres utiles du Sénégal au profit des agrobusiness, entamée avec la bénédiction des institutions de Bretton Woods.

Korea shifting to agricultural aid in resource diplomacy

The Korea Rural Community Corporation, under the Agriculture Ministry, said it is also in talks with other resource-rich countries about deals in exchange for support for the construction of agricultural infrastructure or farms. Among the negotiating partners mentioned were Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Senegal and Mongolia.

CGIAR joins global farmland grab

An internal document recently posted on IRRI's website reveals that the Institute has been advising Saudi Arabia in the context of its strategy to acquire farm land overseas for its own food production.