New Zealand

Land ahoy!

There is serious overseas interest in acquiring New Zealand farmland, and some confusion in the rules and regulations surrounding the process.

A land grab, or just free trade?

The economic nationalism and calls for protectionism seem ironic given the fact that Fonterra itself is a large multinational, which in addition to having farms in China, has since 2002 been in partnership with global food giant Nestle in the Dairy Partners Americas.

Foreign investors again eye NZ farms

Southern Pastures, registered in Auckland, is seeking $500 million from local and offshore investors to initially buy outright, or controlling shares in, farming concerns throughout the southern hemisphere, but with a bias towards New Zealand.

Crafar Farms sold to Chinese company

The China Jin Hui Mining Corporation - recently renamed Natural Dairy (NZ) Holdings - says it has agreed to buy the Crafar family farms as well as other assets including farmland, cattle, and milkpowder production plant.

New Zealand: Corporate farming here to stay

Chris Kelly, chief executive of the country's largest corporate farmer, Landcorp, says he knows of other initiatives being explored and believes there will be more foreign investors knocking at New Zealand agriculture's door.

Fraud office alert over sale to mystery Arabs

The Serious Fraud Office has been brought into the controversy over a Maori trust's move to buy thousands of hectares of prime Southland farmland, after revelations that an alleged fraudster is involved: bankrupt Australian "kaumatua" Shane Wenzel.