SAfrica, Libya farm deal awaits agreement

A new land deal allowing South African farmers to produce livestock, milk and fruit in Libya has been put on hold pending the finalisation of an investment protection agreement between the two countries.

Brazilian Minister: Arabs are great opportunity

"Some Saudi princes told president Lula they do not want to invest in agriculture in Brazil in order to sell here in Brazil, they want food supply sources," says Brazilian minister of Development Miguel Jorge

Significant progress - Agriculture and industry in Sudan

Both private and public sector investors from countries such as Qatar, Libya, Jordan, the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the Arab world as well as China and Korea elsewhere now hold long term rights to a total of two million feddans of arable land in Sudan, according to figures from the country’s agriculture ministry.

Sudan arable land attracting Arab, Asian investors

"I think it is not right to sell or give your land to foreigners... until you have exhausted every local possibility," said Osama Daoud, chief executive of the Sudanese DAL group which runs large agricultural projects.

Sudán, ¿el futuro granero de Oriente Medio?

Inversores árabes y asiáticos buscan tomar el control de amplias extensiones de tierras fértiles en Sudán, el país más grande de África, que quiere convertirse en el granero de Oriente Medio, aunque para ello deberá modernizar primero su agricultura.

Gaddafi asks food summit to stop Africa "landgrab"

Libya's Muammar Gaddafi called for an end to the purchase of African farmland by food-importing nations at a UN hunger summit on Monday, describing it as "new feudalism" which could spread to Latin America as well.

Farmers sample what Libya offers

De Jager is worried about Libya’s record in enforcing contracts with foreign companies, and the lack of social support networks. “There’s a lot of money to be made for someone with balls,” he says.