Famine : Pékin nie toute responsabilité

Pékin a catégoriquement démenti vendredi avoir acheté des terres en Afrique, rejetant comme "infondées" les déclarations d'un responsable allemand selon lequel ces acquisitions présumées aggraveraient la famine qui frappe actuellement l'Ethiopie.

China rejects claims of Africa land buy-ups

China rejected claims by a German official that it has been buying up land in the drought-ravaged Horn of Africa, saying the allegations are "completely unfounded" and have "ulterior motives".

Land grabbing: The new scramble for Africa

Since the food and financial crisis in 2008, a race for arable land has started worldwide. States, corporations, banks and funds of rich countries buy up large chunks of land to produce agrofuels and grow crops for food - or just to speculate.

Germans buy 3314ha of dairy land

German investors have splashed out more than $100 million in a month buying thousands of hectares of dairying land in the South Island.