02 May 2016 Reuters
Brazil land activists facing 'increased intimidation' with six killings in 2016
Land rights campaigners and environmentalists are facing growing violence and intimidation in Brazil, with at least six activists killed so far this year
01 May 2016 Matogrossomais
Fiagril, gigante de trading e processamento de grãos do país é vendida para chineses
A gigante chinesa teria ficado com 57% das ações da companhia.
23 Apr 2016 El Mundo
Mujeres sin tierra
El 'land grabbing' atrajo a inversores y especuladores para producir materias como biocombustibles y comida. Hoy en día Emiratos Árabes Unidos se sitúa a la cabeza de este tipo de transacciones, pues realiza el 12% de las adquisiciones y 'leasing' de tierras en el mundo.
06 Apr 2016 La Vía Campesina
La Vía Campesina realiza Conferencia Internacional sobre Reforma Agraria en Brasil
Las luchas por la tierra, agua y territorios son centrales en la lucha por la Soberanía Alimentaria.
06 Apr 2016 Via Campesina
La Via Campesina organizes the International Conference of Agrarian Reform in Brazil
The struggles for land, water, and territory are central to the struggle for Food Sovereignty.
01 Apr 2016 Bloomberg
ADM to sell only Brazil ethanol plant amid `challenging' market
The factory and a sugar-cane plantation in Limeira do Oeste, Minas Gerais state, will be sold to JFLim Participacoes, Chicago-based ADM said
18 Mar 2016
プロサバンナ事業「市民社会関与プロジェクト」対する抗議声明 〜抜本的な見直しに向けた要請〜
プロサバンナ事業「市民社会関与プロジェクト」対する抗議声明 〜抜本的な見直しに向けた要請〜
17 Mar 2016 Reuters
'Losing our land like losing our lives', Brazil activist tells World Bank
Investors describe it as one of the last frontiers for major agricultural expansion - a vast area in Brazil's poor northeast that the government is eager to open up to investors hoping to set up big new soy farms and cattle ranches.
16 Mar 2016 Reuters
Senator's plea drags Brazil ethanol industry into graft scandal
The testimony says former chief executive of Petrobras, Phillipe Reichstul helped direct funds from Petrobras operations into the ethanol start-up group Brenco, which was created in 2006 and had investors that included Vinod Khosla, Steve Case and Tarpon Investments.
14 Mar 2016 Business Day
Institutional investors’ scramble for farmland
Financial investors own tracts that grow maize and soya beans in Illinois and Uruguay, almonds and cattle in Australia, and sugar beets and wheat in Poland. Some are venturing into countries with potentially volatile politics, such as Ethiopia and Ukraine.
11 Mar 2016 Macau Magazine
Feeding the world’s most populous nation – Sino-lusophone agricultural co-operation proves to be a win-win for all
Loro Horta reports on recent Chinese overseas investment in agriculture in the Lusophone world
09 Mar 2016 Financial Times
TIAA has not answered our report’s allegations
While we welcome the Financial Times' mention of our report on TIAA’s investments in Brazil, we are disappointed that the article quotes from an email by TIAA dismissing the allegations in our report as “inaccurate and without merit” without providing grounds for such claims.


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