• La pugna por la tierra amenaza a los africanos
    • El País
    • 25 May 2009

    Las adquisiciones de tierra en África, Asia y Latinoamérica, tal y como se hacen en la actualidad, suponen condenar a los más pobres a ser desalojados de sus fincas o a perder acceso a la tierra, al agua y a otros recursos, según el primer estudio sobre la nueva tendencia de grandes corporaciones y gobiernos de invertir en tierras en países pobres, encargado por las agencias de las Naciones Unidas de la Agricultura y Alimentación y del Desarrollo (FAO y UNDP).

  • Mideast grabs land elsewhere
    • CNN
    • 21 May 2009

    CNN's John Defterios takes a look at how Middle Eastern countries are scouring the globe for farmland.

  • Africa: Tractored out by “land grabs”?
    • IRIN
    • 11 May 2009

    Mohammed Mbwana, who farms in the Tana River delta area and is an official of a local NGO, said the Qatar agreement would displace thousands of locals. At least 150,000 families in farming and pastoralist communities depend on the land in question, said to be part of Kenya’s biggest wetland.

  • Wealthy foreigners taking over huge tracts of African land
    • Globe and Mail
    • 05 May 2009

    When the new Land Reform Minister rummaged through his office in Madagascar's capital, he was shocked to discover the documents for a $2-billion deal to lease huge tracts of farmland to an Indian entrepreneur.

  • Neocolonialism: DAEWOO intimidates the peasants of SAVA to get them to sell 10 000 ha of land in one bloc this year
    • TopMada.com
    • 29 Apr 2009

    Less than two weeks ago, Daewooinformed the public through the press that it stopped its plans for large-scale plantation in Madagascar. However, it was only a diversion to keep the local press away.

  • Daewoo intimident les paysans de la Sava pour leur céder 10 000 ha
    • Topmada.com
    • 29 Apr 2009

    Il y a moins de deux semaines, Daewoo a informé publiquement par voie de presse l’arrêt de ses projets de plantation à grande échelle à Madagascar. Toutefois, ce n’était qu’une diversion pour éloigner la presse locale.

  • Food, Water, Energy, Timber, Population: Do Madagascar’s Forests Stand a Chance?
    • The New Security Beat
    • 23 Apr 2009

    The International Criminal Court’s indictment of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir for human-rights abuses has not deterred Saudi Arabia’s Hail Agricultural Development Co. from developing 9,200 hectares of land in Sudan or the UAE from investing in agricultural projects in several Sudanese provinces, including a 17,000-hectare farm for wheat and corn.

  • Malagasy farmers oppose land deals with foreigners
    • Reuters
    • 16 Apr 2009

    Malagasy farmers have backed a move by the country's new president to stop a $6 billion land deal with South Korea's Daewoo Logistics, saying it would have come at the expense of local people's needs for land.

  • L'agriculture délocalisable
    • Sud Ouest
    • 12 Apr 2009

    Des États à la recherche d'autonomie alimentaire et des grands groupes louent des millions d'hectares à l'étranger. Christian Bouquet, spécialiste en géopolitique, explique le phénomène.

  • Communiqué de presse de Daewoo Logistics
    • Orange Madagascar
    • 10 Apr 2009

    DAEWOO logistics a le regret d’annoncer l’arrêt de ses projets de plantation à grande échelle à Madagascar pour différentes raisons

  • Madagascar May Welcome Farm Ventures After Daewoo Cancellation
    • Bloomberg
    • 10 Apr 2009

    Madagascar has “definitely abandoned” a $6 billion farming agreement with Daewoo Logistics Corp., though may welcome agriculture investment in the future, Minister of Land Reform Hajo Andrianainarivelo said.

  • UN's Right to Food expert calls for hedge fund restraints, notes Madagascar coup
    • Inner City Press
    • 06 Apr 2009

    All hedge funds that trade in food commodities should be required to register, the UN’s expert on the right to food Olivier De Schutter told the Press on Monday. Index derivatives should be prohibited and only “useful trading… hedging not speculation” should be allowed, in order to protect the poor and hungry from the market.

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