UN body delays efforts to regulate "land grabs"

A U.N. intergovernmental body on food security has failed to adopt international guidelines on land governance, delaying efforts to regulate so-called land-grabbing as investors race to snap up agricultural land.

Dakar closer to Rome

Tens of ambassadors of the countries participating in the Committee on World Food Security listened to the appeal read by Mamadou Ba, of the National Council of Concetration and Cooperation of the Senegalese rural population.

Derechos contra la carestía

Representantes de campesinos, indígenas, pastores y pescadores artesanales dieron un claro mensaje a los gobiernos: para enfrentar la crisis alimentaria y el constante aumento de precios se debe detener el acaparamiento de tierras.

Land grabs and role of the US government

Civil society -- small farmers, fisher and forest folk, pastoralists -- look with a great deal of suspicion at the US and other countries’ intentions, reports David Andrews about upcoming meetings in Rome