Govt. must publish full SABL list

ACT NOW! is demanding Papua New Guinea government to immediately publish a full list of SABLs current status. SABL is one of the world’s biggest illegal land grabs, and now more than 5-years after PNG government promised to cancel the SABL, people are still waiting to hear which leases have been cancelled.

Plano Director do programa Prosavana

A UNAC vem através do presente manifestar o seu distanciamento em relação ao conteúdo do comunicado de imprensa emitido pelas Plataformas da Sociedade Civil das províncias de Nampula, Zambézia e Niassa em relação a elaboração do Plano Director do programa Prosavana.

UNAC press release on the Prosavana programme

Mozambique's national peasant organisation UNAC dissociates itself from a press release issued by the Civil Society Platforms of the provinces of Nampula, Zambezia and Niassa, in relation to the Master Plan of the Prosavana programme.

Chinese investors protest against new crackdown on investment

Australia's foreign investment regulator no longer believes private companies in China are free of Communist Party control, and plans on subjecting Chinese takeovers and deals, such as those for farmland, to more screening on national security grounds.

Lao protest villager freed, 11 still held

Lao authorities have released a villager held since 2017 for protesting the loss of land awarded by the government to a Vietnamese rubber company, but 11 others remain in detention, with another reported to have died in custody last year.

UN challenges PNG govt over illegal land grabbing

The United Nations has accused the Papua New Guinea government of racial discrimination against its own people over its failure to stop foreign companies using SABL leases to illegally occupy customary land.

Kachin’s plantation curse

Illegally banana plantations backed by obscure nexus of Chinese investors are making quick profits for some, but fuelling land conflict and environmental degradation in Kachin province, Myanmar.

Brazil to fight invasions by landless workers: official

Brazil's land issues secretary says his government will seek to classify the occupation of farmland by landless workers movements as akin to terrorism, while at the same time offering to support foreign investors interested in buying farmland.

Cameroun : Des femmes qui refusent de se taire

Louise Nkakè affirme qu’un jour des soldats l’ont agressée et poussée violemment avec leurs fusils pour ensuite lui confisquer les noix qu’elle cuisait sous prétexte que celles-ci auraient volées dans la plantation de la Socapalm. Elle a insisté sur le fait qu’il s’agissait de ses propres noix.