Community vs. company: A tiny town in Ecuador battles a palm oil giant

In 2000, palm oil company Energy & Palma bought land in northern Ecuador, home to Afro-Ecuadorian community of Wimbi. Provincial court ruled in favor of the company and ordered evacuation of Wimbi community but they refused to leave. This is only one part of a long ongoing legal battle between company and community in Ecuador.

Chinese firm’s investment in banana farm approved

Cambodian government yesterday gave green light to a Chinese-owned firm, Longmate Agriculture Co Ltd, to invest in a banana plantation in Kampot province. Three plantatios cover 5,000 hectares of land that can produce up to 14,000 tonnes of bananas according to Cambodia General Director of Agriculture.

APEC warned PNG has poor record on food security

Community advocacy group ACT NOW! warns APEC delegates attending food Security Week in Port Moresby that Papua New Guinea government has a very poor record on protecting rural famers. The most glaring example is the SABL land grab, in which over 5 million hectares of land was taken from rural communities.

The village women taking on the palm oil giant

Award-winning Cameroonian journalist Madeleine Ngeunga and Fern’s Indra Van Gisbergen recently visited villages in the shadow of Socapalm’s oil palm plantations to see if issues driving the dispute between locals and the company are being resolved.