US company looking to farm rice in Nigeria and Tanzania left trail of devastation in Kenya

GRAIN | 7 September 2011

The people in Nigeria and Tanzania living on the lands now being targetted by US-owned Dominion Farms can learn a lot from the film Good Fortune, which provides a behind-the-scenes account of the struggle of a local community in Kenya to defend their lands from this company. Below are a few clips from this 2010 documentary.

For more information about the film and how to obtain DVD copies, please visit:

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  1. GRAIN
    13 Jul 2016

    Dear Tiiu-Imbi Miller Please see this update from October 2014: kind regards, GRAIN

  2. Tiiu-Imbi Miller
    07 Jul 2016

    The film is from 2011. What's the outcome now in 2016?

  3. Audax
    06 Nov 2011

    Although Tanzania has very good land for agricultural activities, it is also important that our leaders consider the 'good investments' that will protect the rights of communities, uphold principles of best practices while promoting social and economic growth among our people. It is now e3vident that with increased investors' interest to invest in agriculture, if responsible individuals are not ready to safeguard the rights of the people, violation of the vulnerable people's rights willbe the order of teh day. This calls for indepth scrutiny of companies' past history before giving contract/permit to operate

  4. danny mushi
    04 Oct 2011

    leaders in the government have to review all the contracts concerning land ownership,the size of the land, and the agreement on how to control those lands without dispute with local people. indigenous have the right to own their original land and have to be participated on the contract of land selling,and should not done by leaders alone, doing that will help to resolve dispute which will occur due to land grabbing. The land taken by investors should divided in the portion that local people will still benefit from there land, should have a portion where they can cultivate their crops, grazing their cattle's, building their homes and should benefit from their land by getting job opportunity from those investors. All African leaders should be aware on the contract agreement to avoid effects to their people and should do it for the benefit of all people and not for few (leaders)

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