Africa's great land grab


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BBC | 27 October 2010

Recent years have seen an increasing number of foreign governments leasing or buying vast tracts of land in Africa for their own use - some say with little or no benefit to Africa.

This practice is known as land grabbing.

A continent wide policy framework for land grabbing is expected to be discussed ahead of a meeting this week of African Union (AU) agriculture ministers in Malawi's capital Lilongwe.

One of those in attendance is Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, the AU's Commissioner for Rural Economy and Agriculture.

(audio available here)

Tanzania is one country where the impact of this kind of land grabbing is obvious.

Experts say foreign agriculture investment in Tanzania is alarming.

While the Government remains at the forefront of promoting bio fuel investment in the country - there is no policy and legal framework governing investment decisions - and some citizens in the country are now demanding their land back.

(audio available here)

The aid agency Oxfam is deeply concerned about the issue and is releasing its own report in Malawi today.

So who are the worst culprits?

(audio available here)
Original source: BBC


  1. Andrea Taggart
    30 Oct 2010

    How is this legal when the White Afrikaans who made South Africa what it was and have been in South Africa for generations were over-thrown on their own land, savagely, by incompetents with the backing and interference of the US Fed government? These private corporations have absolutely no rights to land take-over schemes just by assuming they are privy to do as they please.

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