Fund investments in food and agribusiness: Recent trends in ECA

EastAgri Annual Meeting | Istanbul, 13-14 October 2010

Fund investments in Food and Agribusiness: Recent trends in ECA [Europe and Central Asia]

by Ian Luyt


Moscow, Russia

Outline of presentation:

- Key investment drivers

- What’s being said about investment in agriculture

- Ways to invest in agriculture

- Investment structures

- Fund Investment process

- Target markets

- Broad classification of funds investing

- Funds active in ECA – overview

- Funds – illustrative examples

- Farmland funds – current issues/revised strategies/outlook

- Impact of farmland funds

- Additionality of funds / private equity expertise

- Examples of other fund strategies

- Future trends/issues

Download the full presentation here: http://www.eastagri.org/meetings/docs/meeting42/IAN%20LUYT%20_%20EastAgri.ppt

Other presentations from the meeting: http://www.eastagri.org/meetings/index.asp?id=42

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