18 Feb 2014 Guardian
Tanzania: 'large-scale farming turns small farmers into mere labourers'
Critics of New Alliance say private investment and improvements in rural infrastructure will not liberate people from poverty
16 Feb 2014 Tanzania Daily News
Investors assured of state support
Tanzania's Minister for Agriculture says land to be used for investments would be acquired through proper channels. "Send this message to all that Tanzania's government has no plans to grab land."
16 Jan 2014 Tanzanian Daily News
No to greedy investors
The Tanzanian government is not eager to parcel out too much land to transnational corporations, writes the Tanzania Daily News.
23 Dec 2013 BBC
The challenges of boosting Tanzania's rice production
As investment deals between big business and the government are made across Tanzania, those working on behalf of small-scale farmers argue that more needs to be done to ensure their needs are not overlooked.
19 Dec 2013 Eldis
Biofuels investment and community land tenure in Tanzania
While expanding private investment in agriculture is a core ambition of the G8’s New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, experiences of prior investments raise questions about possible negative impacts.
06 Dec 2013 Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Japan's Nitori to invest Sh900 billion in cotton farming
The Japan investor has secured 40,000 hectares of land for commercial cotton farming in Handeni District where it will open a cotton farm and a processing plant.
03 Dec 2013 Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Govt pledges to continue supporting Rubada
The government pledges to continue supporting Rufiji Basin Development Authority (RUBADA) in its endeavour to encourage large scale plantations in the country
16 Nov 2013 FAO
The gender and equity implications of land-related investments on land access and labour and income-generating opportunities
Three FAO reports published in 2013 looking at Lao PDR, Zambia and Ghana
23 Oct 2013 The Citizen
Chiza: TZ ripe for progress in agriculture
Tanzania’s Minister for Agriculture and Food Security was in London where he spoke with investors about investing in Tanzania's agriculture sector.
21 Oct 2013 Tanzania Daily News
Tanzania: Dar, London for agriculture investment talks
UK-Tanzania Agriculture Investment Roundtable begins in London today, in association with the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Agriculture was identified as a priority area
12 Oct 2013 Depêche de Kabylie
Cevital à la conquête de l’Afrique
«Nous avons des projets en Afrique, notamment au Soudan, en Ethiopie, au Kenya, en Tanzanie et au Mozambique. Notre idée est d’aller dans ces pays qui nous offrent des terres agricoles et beaucoup d’eau».
09 Oct 2013 Tanzania Daily News
Investors must surrender Idle farmland-President Jakaya Kikwete
Tanzania's President says hoarding large chunks of land without developing them for years retards national development and impoverishes subsistence farmers.


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