03 Aug 2012 The Gazette
Protesters disrupt Board of Regents meeting, want Rastetter removed
Group says regent abused position in pursuing relationship between Iowa State University and Ratsetter's agribusiness corporation, which is developing a farming operation in Tanzania.
31 Jul 2012 The Guardian
Mozambique's agricultural fortunes rest on a choice between Obama and Annan
The Obama model's first project in Mozambique will be to support Cargill, the giant grain trader and largest private company in the world, to take 40,000 hectares of farmland.
25 Jul 2012 USA Today
Foreign investment in US land on the rise
Investors from Canada and the Netherlands have almost half of all foreign forest and farmland holdings in the USA. The Canadian holdings reflect investment by timber companies, while the Dutch holdings reflect pension fund investments.
23 Jul 2012 PIP
Drought devastation has sunny side for farmland, timber investors
Drought conditions in much of the US this year could turn into a boon, rather than a bust, for institutional investors in farmland, timber and agricultural stocks.
19 Jul 2012 AP
Iowa regent admits PR mistakes in Africa land deal
Iowa Regent Bruce Rastetter has defended working with Iowa State Univ. to pursue a large-scale land development in Africa and blamed growing criticism over his involvement on misinformation and public relations mistakes.
19 Jul 2012 FWW
National nonprofit Food & Water Watch joins complaint against Rastetter, exposes another AgriSol executive as complicit in Tanzania land grab
Food & Water Watch has joined Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement’s ethics complaint against Iowa Regent Bruce Rastetter for egregious conflict of interest involving a Tanzania land deal he brokered in partnership with Iowa State University.
18 Jul 2012 Malango
« Ne nous étonnons pas si des révoltes éclatent »
Des voix s’élèvent contre les prêts de terres de 99 ans à des sociétés étrangères. Les Tanzaniens se sentent ignorés par leur gouvernement…
18 Jul 2012 Reuters
Africa palm-oil plan pits activists vs NY investors
Herakles says it will provide locals with steady work, roads and health care. But critics call the planned plantation, which would cover Fabe and at least 30 other forest villages in Cameroon, a land grab. Special report from Reuters.
10 Jul 2012 FoodFirst
Detroit: A tale of two... farms?
Does the Hantz megafarm project in Detroit (US) have anything in common with the brutal, large-scale land acquisitions sweeping Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America?
09 Jul 2012 Oakland Institute
Lives on hold
AgriSol's land deal in Tanzania creates an uncertain future for more than 160,000 people
08 Jul 2012 Guardian
Politics of investment in large scale agricultural ventures
The AgriSol investment is a good case in justifying that in Tanzania it is the state which grabs on behalf of the investors as opposed in other areas where land is acquired illegally.
06 Jul 2012 Greenpeace
Herakles Farms and how a US agri-corporation sparked anger in Africa
Palm oil is the world’s cheapest edible oil and a key ingredient in some biofuels. Global demand is booming and agri-corporations are grabbing large swathes of land to expand palm oil production in a new frontier: Africa.


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