19 Jul 2016 The Telegraph
Roses bloom, then thorns pop up
To Karuturi, who has also offered to grow up to one million tonne of lentils for India on farm tracts leased in Ethiopia, the Mozambique model is an example of "political correctness."
18 Jul 2016 Thomson Reuters Foundation
Why is the EU funding Ethiopia's repression of land rights defenders?
Opponents of the Ethiopian government’s policies have faced violence, but the EU has continued to provide funding for its commercial land deal projects.
16 Jul 2016 Standard
EU, Ethiopia, Germany launch 3.8 million euro project to support agricultural investments in Ethiopia
Today, the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources with support from the European Union and Germany launched a 3.8 million euro project to support responsible agricultural investment in Ethiopia.
08 Jul 2016 Daily News Egypt
Egypt is investing more than Israel to develop Africa, says analyst
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel will support Ethiopia to develop its water resources by enhancing its agriculture systems.
01 Jul 2016 Curtis Research
Chinese, Brazilian and Indian investments in African agriculture: impacts, opportunities and concerns
New report for Acord International says land grabs are not a generalised feature of Brazilian, Chinese and Indian investment in African agriculture but some do raise major concerns
23 Jun 2016
Policy uncertainty holding back investment in agriculture
Grow Africa executive director William Asiko dismisses concerns about large-scale land grabbing in Ethiopia as "perceptions".
18 Jun 2016 Business Standard
Farming for India Inc abroad largely on paper
India’s plan to lease farm land in Mozambique, Tanzania and Malawi to grow pulses for domestic consumers is not the first such project
13 Jun 2016 Bloomberg
Ethiopian China-backed sugar-export push hits cash, design snags
Ethiopia’s development of Chinese-backed sugar plants in the country’s south, part of a plan to become one of the world’s top 10 exporters, is struggling because of a lack of funding and technical expertise, a research group said.
08 Jun 2016 Amnesty International
Éthiopie. Des détenus frappés et forcés de comparaître devant un tribunal dans une tenue inadéquate
Beqele Gerba et ses coaccusés, arrêtés pour avoir protesté contre l'accaparement de terres dans la région d'Oromia, ont été frappés au cours de leur détention et forcés à comparaître devant un tribunal dans une tenue inadéquate
16 May 2016 China File
Why Chinese agriculture engagement in Africa is not what it seems
Based on new research in four African countries, Professor Ian Scoones says far from being on a land-grabbing spree in Africa, Chinese immigrant farmers and the deployment of Chinese agricultural technology and training programmes are having a positive impact.
06 May 2016 Amnesty International
Éthiopie: Il faut libérer un opposant politique détenu en raison de commentaires publiés sur Facebook
Yonatan Tesfaye a dénoncé un possible accaparement de terres dans la région d’Oromia, ce qui n’est pas un crime, et encore moins du terrorisme
02 May 2016 Oakland Institute
Nine-year jail term for human rights defender
An Ethiopian court has handed down a nine-year jail sentence to a leading dissident from the restive region where the government has leased vast tracts of land to foreign investors.


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